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  Domain Name: SQR_TypeC_SdhC
Succinate:quinone oxidoreductase (SQR) Type C subfamily, Succinate dehydrogenase C (SdhC) subunit; composed of bacterial SdhC and eukaryotic large cytochrome b binding (CybL) proteins. SQR catalyzes the oxidation of succinate to fumarate coupled to the reduction of quinone to quinol. Members of this family reduce high potential quinones such as ubiquinone. SQR is also called succinate dehydrogenase or Complex II, and is part of the citric acid cycle and the aerobic respiratory chain. SQR is composed of a flavoprotein catalytic subunit, an iron-sulfur protein and one or two hydrophobic transmembrane subunits. Proteins in this subfamily are classified as Type C SQRs because they contain two transmembrane subunits and one heme group. The heme and quinone binding sites reside in the transmembrane subunits. The SdhC or CybL protein is one of the two transmembrane subunits of bacterial and eukaryotic SQRs. The two-electron oxidation of succinate in the flavoprotein active site is coupled to the two-electron reduction of quinone in the membrane anchor subunits via electron transport through FAD and three iron-sulfur centers. The reversible reduction of quinone is an essential feature of respiration, allowing transfer of electrons between respiratory complexes.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 0
Total Disease Mutations Found: 0
This domain occurred 1 times on human genes (4 proteins).

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proximal heme binding sit
proximal quinone binding
Iron-sulfur protein inter
SdhD (CybS) interface

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