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  Domain Name: Septin
Septin. Members of this family include CDC3, CDC10, CDC11 and CDC12/Septin. Members of this family bind GTP. As regards the septins, these are polypeptides of 30-65kDa with three characteristic GTPase motifs (G-1, G-3 and G-4) that are similar to those of the Ras family. The G-4 motif is strictly conserved with a unique septin consensus of AKAD. Most septins are thought to have at least one coiled-coil region, which in some cases is necessary for intermolecular interactions that allow septins to polymerise to form rod-shaped complexes. In turn, these are arranged into tandem arrays to form filaments. They are multifunctional proteins, with roles in cytokinesis, sporulation, germ cell development, exocytosis and apoptosis.
No pairwise interactions found for the domain Septin

Total Mutations Found: 4
Total Disease Mutations Found: 2
This domain occurred 9 times on human genes (26 proteins).


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