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Genes with the cd08341 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
CASP10843>gi|12644463|sp|Q92851.3|CASPA_HUMAN RecName: Full=Caspase-10; Short=CASP-10; AltName: Full=Apoptotic protease Mch-4; AltName: Full=FAS-associated death domain protein interleukin-1B-converting enzyme 2; Short=FLICE2; AltName: Full=ICE-like apoptotic protease 4; Contains: RecName: Full=Caspase-10 subunit p23/17; Contains: RecName: Full=Caspase-10 subunit p12; Flags: Precursor
FADD8772>gi|2498355|sp|Q13158.1|FADD_HUMAN RecName: Full=Protein FADD; AltName: Full=FAS-associated death domain protein; AltName: Full=FAS-associating death domain-containing protein; AltName: Full=Growth-inhibiting gene 3 protein; AltName: Full=Mediator of receptor induced toxicity
CASP10843>gi|47078267|ref|NP_001221.2| caspase-10 isoform 3 preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|15718712|ref|NP_203522.1| caspase-8 isoform E [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|122056476|ref|NP_001073594.1| caspase-8 isoform G precursor [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|15718708|ref|NP_203520.1| caspase-8 isoform C precursor [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|122056474|ref|NP_001073593.1| caspase-8 isoform C precursor [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|15718706|ref|NP_203519.1| caspase-8 isoform B precursor [Homo sapiens]
CASP8841>gi|15718704|ref|NP_001219.2| caspase-8 isoform A precursor [Homo sapiens]
CASP10843>gi|14916490|ref|NP_116758.1| caspase-10 isoform 4 [Homo sapiens]
CASP10843>gi|330864823|ref|NP_001193453.1| caspase-10 isoform 6 preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
CASP10843>gi|330864684|ref|NP_001193471.1| caspase-10 isoform 5 preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
CASP10843>gi|47078272|ref|NP_116759.2| caspase-10 isoform 1 preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
CASP10843>gi|47078269|ref|NP_116756.2| caspase-10 isoform 2 preproprotein [Homo sapiens]

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