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Genes with the pfam00357 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
ITGAM3684>gi|1708572|sp|P11215.2|ITAM_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-M; AltName: Full=CD11 antigen-like family member B; AltName: Full=CR-3 alpha chain; AltName: Full=Cell surface glycoprotein MAC-1 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Leukocyte adhesion receptor MO1; AltName: Full=Neutrophil adherence receptor; AltName: CD_antigen=CD11b; Flags: Precursor
ITGA88516>gi|311033437|sp|P53708.3|ITA8_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-8; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-8 heavy chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-8 light chain; Flags: Precursor
ITGA23673>gi|124942|sp|P17301.1|ITA2_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-2; AltName: Full=CD49 antigen-like family member B; AltName: Full=Collagen receptor; AltName: Full=Platelet membrane glycoprotein Ia; Short=GPIa; AltName: Full=VLA-2 subunit alpha; AltName: CD_antigen=CD49b; Flags: Precursor
ITGAV3685>gi|143811408|sp|P06756.2|ITAV_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-V; AltName: Full=Vitronectin receptor subunit alpha; AltName: CD_antigen=CD51; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-V heavy chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-V light chain; Flags: Precursor
ITGAL3683>gi|88911345|sp|P20701.3|ITAL_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-L; AltName: Full=CD11 antigen-like family member A; AltName: Full=Leukocyte adhesion glycoprotein LFA-1 alpha chain; Short=LFA-1A; AltName: Full=Leukocyte function-associated molecule 1 alpha chain; AltName: CD_antigen=CD11a; Flags: Precursor
ITGAX3687>gi|146345441|sp|P20702.3|ITAX_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-X; AltName: Full=CD11 antigen-like family member C; AltName: Full=Leu M5; AltName: Full=Leukocyte adhesion glycoprotein p150,95 alpha chain; AltName: Full=Leukocyte adhesion receptor p150,95; AltName: CD_antigen=CD11c; Flags: Precursor
ITGAD3681>gi|296434544|sp|Q13349.2|ITAD_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-D; AltName: Full=ADB2; AltName: Full=CD11 antigen-like family member D; AltName: Full=Leukointegrin alpha D; AltName: CD_antigen=CD11d; Flags: Precursor
ITGA43676>gi|311033436|sp|P13612.3|ITA4_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-4; AltName: Full=CD49 antigen-like family member D; AltName: Full=Integrin alpha-IV; AltName: Full=VLA-4 subunit alpha; AltName: CD_antigen=CD49d; Flags: Precursor
ITGAE3682>gi|226694184|sp|P38570.3|ITAE_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-E; AltName: Full=HML-1 antigen; AltName: Full=Integrin alpha-IEL; AltName: Full=Mucosal lymphocyte 1 antigen; AltName: CD_antigen=CD103; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-E light chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-E heavy chain; Flags: Precursor
ITGA2B3674>gi|226694183|sp|P08514.3|ITA2B_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-IIb; AltName: Full=GPalpha IIb; Short=GPIIb; AltName: Full=Platelet membrane glycoprotein IIb; AltName: CD_antigen=CD41; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-IIb heavy chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-IIb light chain, form 1; Contains: RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-IIb light chain, form 2; Flags: Precursor
ITGA93680>gi|229462922|sp|Q13797.2|ITA9_HUMAN RecName: Full=Integrin alpha-9; AltName: Full=Integrin alpha-RLC; Flags: Precursor
ITGA93680>gi|52485941|ref|NP_002198.2| integrin alpha-9 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAX3687>gi|34452173|ref|NP_000878.2| integrin alpha-X precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAV3685>gi|223468597|ref|NP_001138472.1| integrin alpha-V isoform 3 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGA2B3674>gi|88758615|ref|NP_000410.2| integrin alpha-IIb preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
ITGA63655>gi|119395742|ref|NP_000201.2| integrin alpha-6 isoform b precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAM3684>gi|224831239|ref|NP_001139280.1| integrin alpha-M isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAV3685>gi|223468595|ref|NP_001138471.1| integrin alpha-V isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAX3687>gi|556503454|ref|NP_001273304.1| integrin alpha-X isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGA23673>gi|116295258|ref|NP_002194.2| integrin alpha-2 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAM3684>gi|88501734|ref|NP_000623.2| integrin alpha-M isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGA43676>gi|67191027|ref|NP_000876.3| integrin alpha-4 precursor [Homo sapiens]
ITGAV3685>gi|4504763|ref|NP_002201.1| integrin alpha-V isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]

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