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Genes with the pfam00594 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
GAS62621>gi|48427995|sp|Q14393.2|GAS6_HUMAN RecName: Full=Growth arrest-specific protein 6; Short=GAS-6; AltName: Full=AXL receptor tyrosine kinase ligand; Flags: Precursor
PROZ8858>gi|131092|sp|P22891.2|PROZ_HUMAN RecName: Full=Vitamin K-dependent protein Z; Flags: Precursor
PROS15627>gi|131086|sp|P07225.1|PROS_HUMAN RecName: Full=Vitamin K-dependent protein S; Flags: Precursor
PROC5624>gi|131067|sp|P04070.1|PROC_HUMAN RecName: Full=Vitamin K-dependent protein C; AltName: Full=Anticoagulant protein C; AltName: Full=Autoprothrombin IIA; AltName: Full=Blood coagulation factor XIV; Contains: RecName: Full=Vitamin K-dependent protein C light chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Vitamin K-dependent protein C heavy chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Activation peptide; Flags: Precursor
BGLAP632>gi|129253|sp|P02818.2|OSTCN_HUMAN RecName: Full=Osteocalcin; AltName: Full=Bone Gla protein; Short=BGP; AltName: Full=Gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-containing protein; Flags: Precursor
MGP4256>gi|118572668|sp|P08493.2|MGP_HUMAN RecName: Full=Matrix Gla protein; Short=MGP; AltName: Full=Cell growth-inhibiting gene 36 protein; Flags: Precursor
F72155>gi|119766|sp|P08709.1|FA7_HUMAN RecName: Full=Coagulation factor VII; AltName: Full=Proconvertin; AltName: Full=Serum prothrombin conversion accelerator; Short=SPCA; AltName: INN=Eptacog alfa; Contains: RecName: Full=Factor VII light chain; Contains: RecName: Full=Factor VII heavy chain; Flags: Precursor
PRRG379057>gi|209572687|sp|Q9BZD7.2|TMG3_HUMAN RecName: Full=Transmembrane gamma-carboxyglutamic acid protein 3; AltName: Full=Proline-rich gamma-carboxyglutamic acid protein 3; Short=Proline-rich Gla protein 3; Flags: Precursor
BGLAP632>gi|40316933|ref|NP_954642.1| osteocalcin preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
PROS15627>gi|192447438|ref|NP_000304.2| vitamin K-dependent protein S preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
PROC5624>gi|4506115|ref|NP_000303.1| vitamin K-dependent protein C preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
F92158>gi|4503649|ref|NP_000124.1| coagulation factor IX preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
F22147>gi|4503635|ref|NP_000497.1| prothrombin preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
PROZ8858>gi|4506121|ref|NP_003882.1| vitamin K-dependent protein Z isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens]
F72155>gi|4503645|ref|NP_000122.1| coagulation factor VII isoform a preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
GAS62621>gi|4557617|ref|NP_000811.1| growth arrest-specific protein 6 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
F72155>gi|10518503|ref|NP_062562.1| coagulation factor VII isoform b preproprotein [Homo sapiens]
MGP4256>gi|299890879|ref|NP_001177768.1| matrix Gla protein isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
F102159>gi|4503625|ref|NP_000495.1| coagulation factor X preproprotein [Homo sapiens]

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