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Genes with the pfam02376 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
ONECUT29480>gi|294862454|sp|O95948.2|ONEC2_HUMAN RecName: Full=One cut domain family member 2; AltName: Full=Hepatocyte nuclear factor 6-beta; Short=HNF-6-beta; AltName: Full=One cut homeobox 2; AltName: Full=Transcription factor ONECUT-2; Short=OC-2
CUX223316>gi|313104302|sp|O14529.4|CUX2_HUMAN RecName: Full=Homeobox protein cut-like 2; AltName: Full=Homeobox protein cux-2
ONECUT3390874>gi|122064635|sp|O60422.2|ONEC3_HUMAN RecName: Full=One cut domain family member 3; AltName: Full=One cut homeobox 3; AltName: Full=Transcription factor ONECUT-3; Short=OC-3
SATB223314>gi|289547625|ref|NP_001165988.1| DNA-binding protein SATB2 [Homo sapiens]
SATB223314>gi|289547596|ref|NP_001165980.1| DNA-binding protein SATB2 [Homo sapiens]
SATB16304>gi|306518684|ref|NP_001182399.1| DNA-binding protein SATB1 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens]
SATB223314>gi|38016202|ref|NP_056080.1| DNA-binding protein SATB2 [Homo sapiens]
ONECUT13175>gi|24307887|ref|NP_004489.1| hepatocyte nuclear factor 6 [Homo sapiens]
CUX11523>gi|148277064|ref|NP_853530.2| protein CASP isoform a [Homo sapiens]
SATB16304>gi|196114999|ref|NP_001124482.1| DNA-binding protein SATB1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens]
SATB16304>gi|4506791|ref|NP_002962.1| DNA-binding protein SATB1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens]
CUX11523>gi|321400107|ref|NP_001189472.1| protein CASP isoform d [Homo sapiens]

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