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Table of Pairwise Domain-Domain Interactions for the domain:

Interacting Domains ↕CD ↕ Accession (External Link)Description ↕
Spectrinpfam00435Spectrin repeat. Spectrin repeat-domains are found in several proteins involved in cytoskeletal structure. These include spectrin, alpha-actinin and dystrophin. The sequence repeat used in this family is taken from the structural repeat in reference. The spectrin domain- repeat forms a three helix bundle. The second helix is interrupted by proline in some sequences. The repeats are defined by a characteristic tryptophan (W) residue at position 17 in helix A and a leucine (L) at 2 residues from the carboxyl end of helix C. Although the domain occurs in ultiple repeats along sequences, the domains are actually stable on their own - ie they act, biophysically, like domains rather than repeats that along function when aggregated.
efhand_Ca_insenpfam08726Ca2+ insensitive EF hand. EF hands are helix-loop-helix binding motifs involved in the regulation of many cellular processes. EF hands usually bind to Ca2+ ions which causes a major conformational change that allows the protein to interact with its designated targets. This domain corresponds to an EF hand which has partially or entirely lost its calcium-binding properties. The calcium insensitive EF hand is still able to mediate protein-protein recognition.

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