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Table of Pairwise Domain-Domain Interactions for the domain:

Interacting Domains ↕CD ↕ Accession (External Link)Description ↕
Armpfam00514Armadillo/beta-catenin-like repeats. An approximately 40 amino acid long tandemly repeated sequence motif first identified in the Drosophila segment polarity gene armadillo; these repeats were also found in the mammalian armadillo homolog beta-catenin, the junctional plaque protein plakoglobin, the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor protein, and a number of other proteins. ARM has been implicated in mediating protein-protein interactions, but no common features among the target proteins recognized by the ARM repeats have been identified; related to the HEAT domain; three consecutive copies of the repeat are represented by this alignment model.
HEATpfam02985HEAT repeat. The HEAT repeat family is related to armadillo/beta-catenin-like repeats (see pfam00514).

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