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  Domain Name: CENP-N
Kinetochore protein CHL4 like. CHL4 is a protein involved in chromosome segregation. It is a component of the central kinetochore which mediates the attachment of the centromere to the mitotic spindle. CENP-N is one of the components that assembles onto the CENP-A-nucleosome-associated (NAC) centromere. The centromere, which is the basic element of chromosome inheritance, is epigenetically determined in mammals. CENP-A, the centromere-specific histone H3 variant, assembles an array of nucleosomes and it is this that seems to be the prime candidate for specifying centromere identity. CENP-A nucleosomes directly recruit a proximal CENP-A nucleosome associated complex (NAC) comprised of CENP-M, CENP-N and CENP-T, CENP-U(50), CENP-C and CENP-H. Assembly of the CENP-A NAC at centromeres is dependent on CENP-M, CENP-N and CENP-T. Additionally, there are seven other subunits which make up the CENP-A-nucleosome distal (CAD) centromere, CENP-K, CENP-L, CENP-O, CENP-P, CENP-Q, CENP-R and CENP-S, also assembling on the CENP-A NAC.
No pairwise interactions found for the domain CENP-N

Total Mutations Found: 1
Total Disease Mutations Found: 0
This domain occurred 1 times on human genes (1 proteins).

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