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  Domain Name: CoA_transf_3
CoA-transferase family III. CoA-transferases are found in organisms from all lines of descent. Most of these enzymes belong to two well-known enzyme families, but recent work on unusual biochemical pathways of anaerobic bacteria has revealed the existence of a third family of CoA-transferases. The members of this enzyme family differ in sequence and reaction mechanism from CoA-transferases of the other families. Currently known enzymes of the new family are a formyl-CoA: oxalate CoA-transferase, a succinyl-CoA: (R)-benzylsuccinate CoA-transferase, an (E)-cinnamoyl-CoA: (R)-phenyllactate CoA-transferase, and a butyrobetainyl-CoA: (R)-carnitine CoA-transferase. In addition, a large number of proteins of unknown or differently annotated function from Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya apparently belong to this enzyme family. Properties and reaction mechanisms of the CoA-transferases of family III are described and compared to those of the previously known CoA-transferases.
No pairwise interactions found for the domain CoA_transf_3

Total Mutations Found: 12
Total Disease Mutations Found: 1
This domain occurred 3 times on human genes (7 proteins).


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