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  Domain Name: Piwi_piwi-like_Euk
Piwi_piwi-like_Euk: PIWI domain, Piwi-like subfamily found in eukaryotes. This domain is found in Piwi and closely related proteins, where it is believed to perform a crucial role in germline cells, via RNA silencing. RNA silencing refers to a group of related gene-silencing mechanisms mediated by short RNA molecules, including siRNAs, miRNAs, and heterochromatin-related guide RNAs. The mechanism in Piwi is believed to be similar to that in Argonaute, the central component of the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The PIWI domain is the C-terminal portion of Argonaute and consists of two subdomains, one of which provides the 5' anchoring of the guide RNA and the other, the catalytic site for slicing.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 5
Total Disease Mutations Found: 0
This domain occurred 8 times on human genes (16 proteins).

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Domain Position:  

Feature Name:Total Found:
active site
5' RNA guide strand ancho

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