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Genes with the COG1319 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
AOX1316>gi|215273968|sp|Q06278.2|ADO_HUMAN RecName: Full=Aldehyde oxidase
XDH7498>gi|2506326|sp|P47989.4|XDH_HUMAN RecName: Full=Xanthine dehydrogenase/oxidase; Includes: RecName: Full=Xanthine dehydrogenase; Short=XD; Includes: RecName: Full=Xanthine oxidase; Short=XO; AltName: Full=Xanthine oxidoreductase; Short=XOR
AOX1316>gi|71773480|ref|NP_001150.3| aldehyde oxidase [Homo sapiens]
XDH7498>gi|91823271|ref|NP_000370.2| xanthine dehydrogenase/oxidase [Homo sapiens]

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