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Genes with the COG3603 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
GATSL3652968>gi|74730646|sp|Q8WTX7.1|GATL3_HUMAN RecName: Full=GATS-like protein 3
GATSL2729438>gi|190359497|sp|A6NHX0.3|GATL2_HUMAN RecName: Full=GATS-like protein 2
GATSL1389523>gi|190359472|sp|A6NNH0.2|GATL1_HUMAN RecName: Full=GATS-like protein 1
GATS352954>gi|74729973|sp|Q8NAP1.1|GATS_HUMAN RecName: Full=Putative protein GATS; AltName: Full=STAG3 opposite strand transcript protein

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