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Genes with the cd03524 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
OBFC179991>gi|62900737|sp|Q9H668.2|STN1_HUMAN RecName: Full=CST complex subunit STN1; AltName: Full=Oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding fold-containing protein 1; AltName: Full=Suppressor of cdc thirteen homolog
POT125913>gi|50401179|sp|Q9NUX5.1|POTE1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Protection of telomeres protein 1; Short=hPot1; AltName: Full=POT1-like telomere end-binding protein
RPA16117>gi|4506583|ref|NP_002936.1| replication protein A 70 kDa DNA-binding subunit [Homo sapiens]
OBFC179991>gi|194394165|ref|NP_079204.2| CST complex subunit STN1 [Homo sapiens]
BRCA2675>gi|119395734|ref|NP_000050.2| breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein [Homo sapiens]

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