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Genes with the pfam00053 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
CELSR31951>gi|229462826|sp|Q9NYQ7.2|CELR3_HUMAN RecName: Full=Cadherin EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 3; AltName: Full=Cadherin family member 11; AltName: Full=Epidermal growth factor-like protein 1; Short=EGF-like protein 1; AltName: Full=Flamingo homolog 1; Short=hFmi1; AltName: Full=Multiple epidermal growth factor-like domains protein 2; Short=Multiple EGF-like domains protein 2; Flags: Precursor
AGRN375790>gi|460018339|sp|O00468.5|AGRIN_HUMAN RecName: Full=Agrin; Contains: RecName: Full=Agrin N-terminal 110 kDa subunit; Contains: RecName: Full=Agrin C-terminal 110 kDa subunit; Contains: RecName: Full=Agrin C-terminal 90 kDa fragment; Short=C90; Contains: RecName: Full=Agrin C-terminal 22 kDa fragment; Short=C22; Flags: Precursor
LAMC13915>gi|224471885|sp|P11047.3|LAMC1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit gamma-1; AltName: Full=Laminin B2 chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-1 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-10 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-11 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-2 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-3 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-4 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-6 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-7 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-8 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-9 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=S-laminin subunit gamma; Short=S-LAM gamma; Flags: Precursor
USH2A7399>gi|91207975|sp|O75445.3|USH2A_HUMAN RecName: Full=Usherin; AltName: Full=Usher syndrome type IIa protein; AltName: Full=Usher syndrome type-2A protein; Flags: Precursor
LAMB23913>gi|156630892|sp|P55268.2|LAMB2_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit beta-2; AltName: Full=Laminin B1s chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-11 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-14 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-15 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-3 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-4 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-7 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-9 subunit beta; AltName: Full=S-laminin subunit beta; Short=S-LAM beta; Flags: Precursor
MEGF81954>gi|218511690|sp|Q7Z7M0.2|MEGF8_HUMAN RecName: Full=Multiple epidermal growth factor-like domains protein 8; Short=Multiple EGF-like domains protein 8; AltName: Full=Epidermal growth factor-like protein 4; Short=EGF-like protein 4; Flags: Precursor
LAMA33909>gi|215274012|sp|Q16787.2|LAMA3_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit alpha-3; AltName: Full=Epiligrin 170 kDa subunit; Short=E170; AltName: Full=Epiligrin subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Kalinin subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-5 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-6 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-7 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Nicein subunit alpha; Flags: Precursor
LAMA53911>gi|317373598|sp|O15230.8|LAMA5_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit alpha-5; AltName: Full=Laminin-10 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-11 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-15 subunit alpha; Flags: Precursor
LAMC23918>gi|90185107|sp|Q13753.2|LAMC2_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit gamma-2; AltName: Full=Cell-scattering factor 140 kDa subunit; Short=CSF 140 kDa subunit; AltName: Full=Epiligrin subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Kalinin subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Kalinin/nicein/epiligrin 100 kDa subunit; AltName: Full=Ladsin 140 kDa subunit; AltName: Full=Laminin B2t chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-5 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Large adhesive scatter factor 140 kDa subunit; AltName: Full=Nicein subunit gamma; Flags: Precursor
HSPG23339>gi|317373536|sp|P98160.4|PGBM_HUMAN RecName: Full=Basement membrane-specific heparan sulfate proteoglycan core protein; Short=HSPG; AltName: Full=Perlecan; Short=PLC; Contains: RecName: Full=Endorepellin; Contains: RecName: Full=LG3 peptide; Flags: Precursor
LAMA23908>gi|215274259|sp|P24043.4|LAMA2_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit alpha-2; AltName: Full=Laminin M chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-12 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-2 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-4 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Merosin heavy chain; Flags: Precursor
LAMA43910>gi|292495093|sp|Q16363.4|LAMA4_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit alpha-4; AltName: Full=Laminin-14 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-8 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-9 subunit alpha; Flags: Precursor
LAMB13912>gi|317373377|sp|P07942.2|LAMB1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit beta-1; AltName: Full=Laminin B1 chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-1 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-10 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-12 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-2 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-6 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin-8 subunit beta; Flags: Precursor
LAMA1284217>gi|281185471|sp|P25391.2|LAMA1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit alpha-1; AltName: Full=Laminin A chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-1 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=Laminin-3 subunit alpha; AltName: Full=S-laminin subunit alpha; Short=S-LAM alpha; Flags: Precursor
NTN5126147>gi|74730628|sp|Q8WTR8.2|NET5_HUMAN RecName: Full=Netrin-5; AltName: Full=Netrin-1-like protein; Flags: Precursor
ATRNL126033>gi|189081675|sp|Q5VV63.2|ATRN1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Attractin-like protein 1; Flags: Precursor
NTN459277>gi|76789662|sp|Q9HB63.2|NET4_HUMAN RecName: Full=Netrin-4; AltName: Full=Beta-netrin; AltName: Full=Hepar-derived netrin-like protein; Flags: Precursor
LAMB33914>gi|2497600|sp|Q13751.1|LAMB3_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit beta-3; AltName: Full=Epiligrin subunit bata; AltName: Full=Kalinin B1 chain; AltName: Full=Kalinin subunit beta; AltName: Full=Laminin B1k chain; AltName: Full=Laminin-5 subunit beta; AltName: Full=Nicein subunit beta; Flags: Precursor
LAMB422798>gi|162416049|sp|A4D0S4.1|LAMB4_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit beta-4; AltName: Full=Laminin beta-1-related protein; Flags: Precursor
LAMC310319>gi|308153586|sp|Q9Y6N6.3|LAMC3_HUMAN RecName: Full=Laminin subunit gamma-3; AltName: Full=Laminin-12 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-14 subunit gamma; AltName: Full=Laminin-15 subunit gamma; Flags: Precursor
NTN19423>gi|229462906|sp|O95631.2|NET1_HUMAN RecName: Full=Netrin-1; AltName: Full=Epididymis tissue protein Li 131P; Flags: Precursor
LAMA33909>gi|38045908|ref|NP_000218.2| laminin subunit alpha-3 isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA1284217>gi|38788416|ref|NP_005550.2| laminin subunit alpha-1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA33909>gi|38045910|ref|NP_937762.1| laminin subunit alpha-3 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMB33914>gi|62868217|ref|NP_001017402.1| laminin subunit beta-3 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMB33914>gi|62868215|ref|NP_000219.2| laminin subunit beta-3 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMC23918>gi|157419140|ref|NP_061486.2| laminin subunit gamma-2 isoform b precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMC23918>gi|157419138|ref|NP_005553.2| laminin subunit gamma-2 isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens]
NTN19423>gi|148613884|ref|NP_004813.2| netrin-1 precursor [Homo sapiens]
USH2A7399>gi|219842266|ref|NP_996816.2| usherin isoform B [Homo sapiens]
USH2A7399>gi|219842259|ref|NP_009054.5| usherin isoform A [Homo sapiens]
LAMA53911>gi|21264602|ref|NP_005551.3| laminin subunit alpha-5 precursor [Homo sapiens]
AGRN375790>gi|54873613|ref|NP_940978.2| agrin precursor [Homo sapiens]
NTN459277>gi|93204871|ref|NP_067052.2| netrin-4 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA33909>gi|189217428|ref|NP_001121190.1| laminin subunit alpha-3 isoform 4 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA33909>gi|189217425|ref|NP_001121189.1| laminin subunit alpha-3 isoform 3 precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA23908>gi|119466532|ref|NP_001073291.1| laminin subunit alpha-2 isoform b precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMA23908>gi|28559088|ref|NP_000417.2| laminin subunit alpha-2 isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens]
HSPG23339>gi|126012571|ref|NP_005520.4| basement membrane-specific heparan sulfate proteoglycan core protein precursor [Homo sapiens]
LAMB33914>gi|189083719|ref|NP_001121113.1| laminin subunit beta-3 precursor [Homo sapiens]
MEGF1084466>gi|375065830|ref|NP_001243474.1| multiple epidermal growth factor-like domains protein 10 precursor [Homo sapiens]

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