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Genes with the pfam10176 domain...

Gene Name ↕Gene ID ↕Description ↕
NDFIP180762>gi|74733098|sp|Q9BT67.1|NFIP1_HUMAN RecName: Full=NEDD4 family-interacting protein 1; AltName: Full=Breast cancer-associated protein SGA-1M; AltName: Full=NEDD4 WW domain-binding protein 5; AltName: Full=Putative MAPK-activating protein PM13; AltName: Full=Putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 164; AltName: Full=Putative NFKB and MAPK-activating protein
NDFIP254602>gi|73921209|sp|Q9NV92.2|NFIP2_HUMAN RecName: Full=NEDD4 family-interacting protein 2; AltName: Full=NEDD4 WW domain-binding protein 5A; AltName: Full=Putative MAPK-activating protein PM04/PM05/PM06/PM07; AltName: Full=Putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 413

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