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  Domain Name: Arl2
Arf-like 2 (Arl2) GTPase. Arl2 (Arf-like 2) GTPases are members of the Arf family that bind GDP and GTP with very low affinity. Unlike most Arf family proteins, Arl2 is not myristoylated at its N-terminal helix. The protein PDE-delta, first identified in photoreceptor rod cells, binds specifically to Arl2 and is structurally very similar to RhoGDI. Despite the high structural similarity between Arl2 and Rho proteins and between PDE-delta and RhoGDI, the interactions between the GTPases and their effectors are very different. In its GTP bound form, Arl2 interacts with the protein Binder of Arl2 (BART), and the complex is believed to play a role in mitochondrial adenine nucleotide transport. In its GDP bound form, Arl2 interacts with tubulin- folding Cofactor D; this interaction is believed to play a role in regulation of microtubule dynamics that impact the cytoskeleton, cell division, and cytokinesis.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 15
Total Disease Mutations Found: 2
This domain occurred 45 times on human genes (66 proteins).


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Feature Name:Total Found:
GTP/Mg2+ binding site
effector interaction site
putative GEF interaction
putative GAP interaction
Switch I region
Switch II region
interswitch region
G1 box
G2 box
G3 box
G4 box
G5 box

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