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  Domain Name: CLECT_attractin_like
C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD) of the type found in human and mouse attractin (AtrN) and attractin-like protein (ALP). CLECT_attractin_like: C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD) of the type found in human and mouse attractin (AtrN) and attractin-like protein (ALP). CTLD refers to a domain homologous to the carbohydrate-recognition domains (CRDs) of the C-type lectins. Mouse AtrN (the product of the mahogany gene) has been shown to bind Agouti protein and to function in agouti-induced pigmentation and obesity. Mutations in AtrN have also been shown to cause spongiform encephalopathy and hypomyelination in rats and hamsters. The cytoplasmic region of mouse ALP has been shown to binds to melanocortin receptor (MCR4). Signaling through MCR4 plays a role in appetite suppression. Attractin may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of obesity. Human attractin (hAtrN) has been shown to be expressed on activated T cells and released extracellularly. The circulating serum attractin induces the spreading of monocytes that become the focus of the clustering of non-proliferating T cells.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 6
Total Disease Mutations Found: 1
This domain occurred 4 times on human genes (6 proteins).


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ligand binding surface

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