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  Domain Name: GST_N_SspA
GST_N family, Stringent starvation protein A (SspA) subfamily; SspA is a RNA polymerase (RNAP)-associated protein required for the lytic development of phage P1 and for stationary phase-induced acid tolerance of E. coli. It is implicated in survival during nutrient starvation. SspA adopts the GST fold with an N-terminal TRX-fold domain and a C-terminal alpha helical domain, but it does not bind glutathione (GSH) and lacks GST activity. SspA is highly conserved among gram-negative bacteria. Related proteins found in Neisseria (called RegF), Francisella and Vibrio regulate the expression of virulence factors necessary for pathogenesis.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 5
Total Disease Mutations Found: 1
This domain occurred 9 times on human genes (13 proteins).


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Feature Name:Total Found:
putative GSH binding site
dimer interface
C-terminal domain interfa

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