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  Domain Name: Lectin_leg-like
Legume-like lectin family. Lectins are structurally diverse proteins that bind to specific carbohydrates. This family includes the VIP36 and ERGIC-53 lectins. These two proteins were the first recognised members of a family of animal lectins similar (19-24%) to the leguminous plant lectins. The alignment for this family aligns residues lying towards the N-terminus, where the similarity of VIP36 and ERGIC-53 is greatest. However, while Fiedler and Simons identified these proteins as a new family of animal lectins, our alignment also includes yeast sequences. ERGIC-53 is a 53kD protein, localised to the intermediate region between the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus (ER-Golgi-Intermediate Compartment, ERGIC). It was identified as a calcium-dependent, mannose-specific lectin. Its dysfunction has been associated with combined factors V and VIII deficiency OMIM:227300 OMIM:601567, suggesting an important and substrate-specific role for ERGIC-53 in the glycoprotein- secreting pathway.
No pairwise interactions found for the domain Lectin_leg-like

Total Mutations Found: 2
Total Disease Mutations Found: 0
This domain occurred 2 times on human genes (2 proteins).

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