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Results for the Protein: P25789

PSA4_HUMAN RecName: Full=Proteasome subunit alpha type-4; AltName: Full=Macropain subunit C9; AltName: Full=Multicatalytic endopeptidase complex subunit C9; AltName: Full=Proteasome component C9; AltName: Full=Proteasome subunit L
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PRE1 - COG0638
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03752
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03754
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03755
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03751
Proteasome_A_N - pfam10584
proteasome_alpha_arc - cd03756
proteasome_alpha - cd01911
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03753
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03749
proteasome_alpha_typ - cd03750
Proteasome - pfam00227
proteasome_beta_type - cd03758
proteasome_beta_arch - cd03764
proteasome_beta_type - cd03763
proteasome_beta - cd01912
proteasome_protease_ - cd01906
Ntn_hydrolase - cd01901
proteasome_beta_type - cd03757
proteasome_beta_type - cd03761

Swiss-Prot Protein: P25789
Identical to: NP_001096137, NP_002780
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Please Cite: Peterson, T.A., Adadey, A., Santana-Cruz ,I., Sun, Y., Winder A, Kann, M.G., (2010) DMDM: Domain Mapping of Disease Mutations. Bioinformatics 26 (19), 2458-2459.

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