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Results for the Protein: P40967

PMEL_HUMAN RecName: Full=Melanocyte protein PMEL; AltName: Full=ME20-M; Short=ME20M; AltName: Full=Melanocyte protein Pmel 17; AltName: Full=Melanocytes lineage-specific antigen GP100; AltName: Full=Melanoma-associated ME20 antigen; AltName: Full=P1; AltName: Full=P100; AltName: Full=Premelanosome protein; AltName: Full=Silver locus protein homolog; Contains: RecName: Full=M-alpha; AltName: Full=95 kDa melanocyte-specific secreted glycoprotein; AltName: Full=P26; AltName: Full=Secreted melanoma-associated ME20 antigen; Short=ME20-S; Short=ME20S; Contains: RecName: Full=M-beta; Flags: Precursor
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PKD - smart00089

Swiss-Prot Protein: P40967
Identical to: NP_008859
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Domains found on the Protein

Domain ↕CD Accession ↕E-Value ↕Start ↕End ↕

Table of Mutations found on the Protein

Source ↕Mut_ID ↕Class ↕HGVS ↕Disease ↕
dbSNPrs17118154 Polymorphismp.GLU370ASPN/A
dbSNPrs76045902 Polymorphismp.GLY505SERN/A
dbSNPrs2071024 Polymorphismp.PRO320HISN/A
dbSNPrs61752491 Polymorphismp.PRO363SERN/A
dbSNPrs57990974 Polymorphismp.VAL596ALAN/A

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