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  Domain Name: PCBP_like_KH
K homology RNA-binding domain, PCBP_like. Members of this group possess KH domains in a tandem arrangement. Most members, similar to the poly(C) binding proteins (PCBPs) and Nova, containing three KH domains, with the first and second domains, which are represented here, in tandem arrangement, followed by a large spacer region, with the third domain near the C-terminal end of the protein. The poly(C) binding proteins (PCBPs) can be divided into two groups, hnRNPs K/J and the alphaCPs, which share a triple KH domain configuration and poly(C) binding specificity. They play roles in mRNA stabilization, translational activation, and translational silencing. Nova-1 and Nova-2 are nuclear RNA-binding proteins that regulate splicing. This group also contains plant proteins that seem to have two tandem repeat arrrangements, like Hen4, a protein that plays a role in AGAMOUS (AG) pre-mRNA processing and important step in plant development. In general, KH binds single-stranded RNA or DNA. It is found in a wide variety of proteins including ribosomal proteins, transcription factors and post-transcriptional modifiers of mRNA.
No pairwise interactions are available for this conserved domain.

Total Mutations Found: 0
Total Disease Mutations Found: 0
This domain occurred 20 times on human genes (38 proteins).

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G-X-X-G motif
nucleic acid binding regi

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